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Speech and Language therapy: the decision-making process 2nd Edition

This important text book for speech and language therapists has been completely revised and re-written. It focuses on the decision-making process in the assessment and management of children with speech and language problems. The book is divided into four parts: I learning how to be a professional; II Management in different settings III; working with others, IV Assessing and managing children with communication problems. Individual chapters are written by experts in their field. The book is aimed at speech and language therapy students and potential students, specialist teachers, newly qualified therapists, therapists returning to the profession, specialist teachers and SENCOs.


How to manage communication problems in young children (3rd edition)

This book assumes no prior knowledge about communication problems and includes practical suggestions for dealing with children who have such problems. It is aimed at those who might be interested in choosing speech and language therapy as a career, as well as parents and practitioners and is a practical jargon free book providing an overview of normal development and speech and language difficulties in young children.


Supporting children with communication problems, sharing the workload

This book is about the work of speech and language therapists and teachers looking at how they work together, what gets in the way and how they might overcome potential difficulties. It is relevant to teacher and speech and language therapists as well as students of both professions.

These books are published by Routledge

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