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Metacom Education
A Career in Speech and Language Therapy
A Career in Speech and Language Therapy
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A Career in Speech and Language Therapy
is a book for anyone who's about to start their career and wants clear and concise information about this rewarding profession.
It will be of interest to students, careers advisors, parents and teachers.
Jannet A. Wright's and Myra Kersner's books prove them to be authorities in the field of speech and language therapy. They've applied their talents to another accessible book, A Career in Speech and Language Therapy. Speech and language therapists work with people with communication problems in a variety of settings, and this book will provide all the information you need to make your career choice.

Metacom Education
covering your communication needs
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This book is divided into five sections:
  • A career in speech and language therapy
  • Profiles of therapists at work
  • Applying for a course
  • Being a student
  • Now you are qualified

And you'll find information on:

  • People with communication disorders
  • The skills and qualities that you need
  • How and where to train
  • How to gather further information
  • How to gain relevant experience
  • Who to contact
  • Checklist for interviews
  • Using your gap year
  • Applying for a first job
  • Suggestions for further reading

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